Week 1

Oi, Familia.

So, we can write letters here on other days than Pdays. We start laundry at 8:15 and then can write our families after.  It has been a really cool experience here. It’s powerful when all the missionaries come together and sing. On Wednesday, the first day here we jumped right into everything. My poor host (the girl in the pictures the last post) carried my two bags up three flights of stairs to my room on the third floor. Ha-ha. That sweet girl!  All the girls in my room from my district were amazed how much my bags weighed.

I have two companions. We are in a trio; me, sister Thacker, and sister Juarez. The second day at the MTC I was able to get off the MTC campus, sister Juarez needed to go to the Dr. and get a chest x-ray because her arm from her tb shot was huge. We walked to the health center in Provo. I had my camera with me so I will send those pictures. Yes! I have blisters on my feet from walking.

We taught our first lesson to an investigator on Friday. It went ok. I just can’t pronounce any words so that was hard. Thankfully I can understand more than I can speak. The second time we taught Amelia was AWFUL! We decided to sing a hymn in Portuguese to bring the Spirit. When we got there and started singing,,, it was so bad. We sounded terrible so I started chuckling and sister Juarez started laughing and we couldn’t stop. Ha-ha. When we were with sister Juarez at her appointments we missed a lot of class time so we are behind on the language.

The food here is like my dad’s food from the cafeteria at work. I have gotten sick off of something I ate. It’s awful when you have three companions that need to go with you to the bathroom when you have a stomach ache.

Sunday’s are my favorite here so far. We went to sacrament meeting in the morning and something cool happened. There was a guy that was visiting and takes care of the problems at the MTC, as he was trying to fight back tears, he said:” We have had special visitors here at the MTC this week.” It just reminds us how sacred this place is. Relief society was cool too; the second counselor in the general young women’s presidency came and spoke to us. It was a great talk. We also went on a temple walk with our district. We walked around the temple and took pictures; it’s so nice to get out of this gated community. When we got to the temple and climbed a hill behind it, I got so homesick, looking out into the valley and seeing the lake reminded me of the Great Salt Lake. After the temple the best thing happened. We took a nap!!! It was only an hour and sister Juarez was going through her suitcases most of it but it was so needed because of the change of time on Sunday and the girls screaming because of a mouse in their room at 12 A.M..

We went to a devotional Sunday night and the MTC speaker talked about the Holy Ghost. It was a long hour to sit on hard chairs but it was good. We watched a movie later that night too, it was a talk by elder Bednar called The Character of Christ. The character of Christ is to turn outward when the natural man would turn inward. Even when Christ had just finished in the garden and was suffering, three of his closest friends let him down by sleeping, and then he was betrayed; He still took the time to heal the man that got his ear cut off. He turned outward when the natural man would say “Why me?” It was a great talk.

I didn’t sleep very well on Sunday night because the girls leaving the MTC were excited and loud dragging their suitcases down four stories of stairs all night. We got up early and went to the morning workout. It was hard. I really, really miss talking to people It is definitely harder than I could have imagined. We get to go to the temple today.

I love you guys so much.


Sister Tremblay.

Sisters in my district


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  1. Love you my dear Kaisha. I understand…You are in my thoughts and prayers. I loved the MTC but it took me a little while to do so. I was exhausted every day and homesick most days, however, I was also blessed abundantly every minute. All I had to do was ask and the Lord would ease my burden, make it bearable, and remind me why He wanted me there. He will do the same for you. I am excited to hear you are teaching already! The language is tricky. I had to give a talk in Sacrament meeting my first Sunday in the field. Told the congregation I was pregnant when I was really trying to tell them I was embarrassed. They just laughed. I thought they were laughing about the story I was telling them about something embarrassing when really they were laughing cuz the new sister was making no sense at all! It is a great memory. I have a testimony that the Lord blesses us with what we need. However, what we think we need and what He knows we need aren’t always the same thing. He is always right!! 🙂 Remember you are loved this very day and always! XOXO


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